What Dave Said

“Worth it’s weight in gold”

That’s what Dave said to me last week…

See he can now hoist a bell above his head

With ZERO pain…

^^^ Which he couldn’t do a few weeks ago

But why does this matter…

Well think about it dude…

When you got young kids and they want to go
for a ride on daddy’s shoulders…

It feels pretty bad to say ‘no’ doesn’t it

So you hoist em up there anyway..

But have to cut their ‘fun’ short

Cos your shoulder is giving you gip again

Can cost a lot of money in ice cream to stop
them from crying can’t it…

Now to help Dave sort his shoulder out it
didn’t actually take that much effort

He just did the right ‘things’

The things I helped him with

And I want to show you how YOU can do the

At my free online training event next Tuesday

Which you should register for here v v



p.s. I’ll also show you why you keep giving

(and what to do about it)

But more on that tomorrow





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