What Are You Willing To Do?

When I was a bit of a chubber I wish I’d have known what I know

I tried everything you’ve probably tried…

I ran half marathons, swam, spent hours on the rower

Did mini circuit sessions I’d made up for myself to keep moving

I did the lot…

I tried to do it ALL myself… I didn’t need help

I had the DESIRE to get in shape but I was missing a few other

Have a look at these ‘seeds’ of change and think about whether
you’re ready to get started…

1 – Strong desire

The end result must be meaningful enough to pull you through the

Change is always difficult and the path will deviate so you MUST
have a strong enough desire to reach your goal otherwise you’ll
do what you always have and go back to what was comfortable

2 – Actions

Focus on CORE actions (just do what NEEDS to be done and nothing

Most of us try to do EVERYTHING at once (which is why we fail)…
do THE THING… keep it simple and you have more chance of

3 – Count The Costs

Are you willing to invest in your outcome? (Time / Effort /
Energy / Money)

If not then what do you think will happen?

4 – Act on commitment NOT feelings

Most of us take action only when we feel like it (continually

Tiredness and stress can derail you FAST… this is when the
excuses start and your feelings take over

If you’re willing to do ALL FOUR of these then you’re already set
up to succeed

If not?

Well that’s cool…

I can help you with the methods and systems I have developed
along the way so you don’t give up where you have in the past

It’s actually pretty simple when you have it all laid out in
front of you…

If you want to know more just hit me up




p.s.  Go through these one by one and actually WRITE down what
you want to do for each

Then hit me up 🙂






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