What Are You Most Afraid of?

It doesn’t even have to be something big

Could be spiders

Turns out I’m afraid of heights (never knew that until I went up
the Empire State Building a few years back)

Even though there’s a HUGE metal fence around the top to stop you
falling off… I still couldn’t go near the edge

I stood next to the wall and wouldn’t budge

When I came back down I was surprised… this has NEVER happened
to me before

I was reminded of this last weekend when I went to the Brecons

Love it there

I walked up Pe-Y-Fan which is the highest peak in the South of
the British Isles (ok ok I know … it’s not THAT high)

But it is pretty… The landscape is astounding

Oh and there was a HUGE queue of folk waiting to get their
pictures taken by the trig point (with a ton of other people in
the background)

I opted for a different photo opportunity though

As you can see v v v

pen y fan

You may notice that there’s a bit of a difference (and I’m not
talking about the colour of the grass…

On the left (which was a couple of years ago) I wouldn’t go
anywhere near the edge

You can see that my weight is on my back foot and I look

I wanted to sit on the edge but I was scared to … so had to
‘make do’ with the photo as it was

(And there were TONS of people there… although non of em got in
my photo for some reason)

The pic on the right was last weekend…

I strolled over and sat straight down… no fear!

I can’t truly explain why but I think it may have something to do
with the amount of sh*t that has been thrown my way in the last
couple of years

Sh*t that I’ve had to forge a mental toughness to overcome
(otherwise I would have crumbled)

So why am I telling you this?

Glad you asked

You see I Get It

I keep asking you to do something you may not feel comfortable

Getting in shape isn’t easy (I know this myself from experience)
so if I was asking you to do this without leading by example then
how could I possibly talk to you with integrity

I hold integrity in high regard (especially for myself)…

If you say you’re gonna do something… DO IT

Cos you’re gonna get pretty damn sick of your own BS if you keep
on saying you’ll get in shape but never actually do anything
about it

^^^ Wears a bit thin after a while and leaves you feeling

I know …

So I’m giving you the opportunity to do exactly that…

Back up what you say with action

Such as clicking the link below v v v

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD

And finally proving your integrity…



p.s. Apply TODAY and you will be able to start THIS MONDAY

What’s it to be dude?





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