Well This Is Embarrassing

It’s almost at the end…

No more after this…

^^^ Well that’s probably what the guys
thought at the start…

Of the May Swing Challenge

But now they know they will continue…

Because it works…

I’m about to blush now cos here’s what a
couple of em had to say about it…

” A revelation for anyone who has tried gyms
or running or cycling or whatever to get/stay
fit, but ultimately loses interest or simply
doesn’t have enough time.

Who would’ve thought that just 20 minutes per
day in the comfort of your own home with a
humble kettlebell could yield such results?

You do mobility exercises, the kettlebell
swings (which involves some physical exertion
and even breaking a sweat), you follow a
basic nutrition plan, and hey presto.

I’ve lost 5kgs in 1 month and feel stronger,
more energetic and more mobile than I have
done in years.

My posture has always been poor, and the
kettlebell exercises really tightens the
core, meaning I am standing straighter and am
in less pain when on my feet all day.

Bravo Peter, you deserve to succeed with
this, it’s great. “


” I’ve been doing the BKS Challenge in the
free Facebook group Peter setup and it’s been
a revelation.

My mindset to how I approach exercise has
been completely changed and am feeling better
from just 5-10 minutes of training a day.

When I started I was concerned about my
history of sciatica reappearing if I wasn’t
careful but Peter has been amazing at giving
advice for how to prevent injury.

He’s a top bloke that will support you
through whatever your goals may be and knows
how to get you there. “

See this stuff works…

And that was a free group that did it on
their own…

So you can imagine the results you’ll get if
you see me in the flesh (so to speak)…

And you can do that starting next Monday

On the 14 day trial…

Only 4 spaces left up for grabs…

Cos one was nabbed last month

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p.s. Yep they’r selling out in advance so I
wouldn’t hang about dude

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY





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