Welcome To My Humble Abode


That’s pretty much all I can talk or think at the moment cos I’ve spent this whole week working damn hard to get the new BKSIC Member’s Area all cleaned up, vacuumed, dusted, new sheets… the works cos I want you to feel totally at home in there…

I’ve worked until 10pm every damn night this week to make sure you’re looked after and I’m pleased to say it’s all ready for you to move in

Have a look around if you like… the pics below are of a few of the rooms you can peek into

This is the room where you can get started right away… It has all of the progressions you need to become a badass with a Kettlebell


This is the utility room where all of the work happens behind the scenes so you can be sure of having the crispest of white sheets and the height of comfort (You’ll notice that there’s a deadline of 28 Oct which is THIS SUNDAY just so as I know to make sure to have everything you need by then)… Which of course you will as this is a swanky establishment


And this is the Summer House where you can enjoy all that the garden has to offer without missing any of the activities on offer


So as you can see… this place is all spick and span so I’d be grateful if you would wipe your feet on the way in please as the maid has just had a breakdown from all of the hard work

==> Click Here to visit this magical place



p.s.  The maid has just informed me that there is a spec of dust on top of one of the doorframes…

I can only apologise and have dealt with the matter forthwith (needless to say the maid is now looking for employment so if you hear of anything let me know and I’ll pass it on

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