Welcome Aboard

When I first started to go to a gym I had no idea what I was

My mates used to take the wee wee out of me cos I was weak

Sticking a couple of polos on the end of a cotton bud would smash
my shoulders to pieces

So the thought of helping fellas like you (like I used to be) to
get in shape while building STRENGTH was at best laughable

But then that was about a 100 years ago when I was 25… and when
I was the poster boy for lethargy

Even though I had no idea what I was doing I still decided to go
it alone… I was never very good at asking for help

Or at least I never used to be… I’m still working on it but I
have discovered something that can save you YEARS of wasted time
(and money)

I just asked the right people…

That’s it…

If I’d have done this at 25 I would have saved myself 10 years of
frustration (and weakness)

Instead… I spent that 10 years trying to figure it all out for
myself… which as you can imagine didn’t work

That’s why I want to SHOW you how you can get back in shape

And it’s not actually all that difficult…

As you’ll see from the message I received this week

“Hey Peter

I’ve really noticed today how much my body has changed since
introducing kettlebell exercises to my routine.”

This was from someone who completed the 5 Day Kettlebell Fat
Funeral (and is clearly gonna continue)

Did you do it dude?

If you can’t even remember being invited then just reply to this
email and I’ll hook you up 🙂

I also just wanna take this opportunity to welcome these two

Dan Flitcroft

Tony Press

They both signed up for the 14 Day Zero To Hero Trial this week

if you wanna join em

Just do what they did

And hit this link








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