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We Have All The Time In The World

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Wehey it’s the weekend…

Although the whole of next week is gonna be ONE LONG


We’re gonna be KNACKERED at the end of it

I always find it somewhat amusing

That we speed through the week

Racing to the weekend (which is ALWAYS over too

But when we have MORE time off

We get MORE tired

And that’s cos we have a Shit tone of time to do

So we have a cheeky pint

And a mince pie (and if you have those mini ones you
might have 2 or 3)

Or 4… they’re only little

(ever tried explaining a mince pie to someone who isn’t
from the UK)

^^^ It does sound weird though

AND explaining a pork pie is just as hard

“You mean you have it COLD”

“And you even eat the jelly”

^^^ Anyone else fancy a pork pie right now


I digest (ha)

Where was I

Oh who knows…

Turned into a bit of a ramble

So watch this video instead

And see what the fellas who work with me get up to over

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Tuesday, 12 December 2017


p.s. Nope it’s gone (sorry)





Peter Lant

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