Warning : This Could Seriously Damage Your Health

Danger danger…

**** Look away now ****


According to the ‘experts’…


Are dangerous…

This would be an inanimate lump of metal

That just sits there…

Doesn’t move on its own

Doesn’t have the capacity for thought…

The thing that can only move if there is an
external force put upon it

^^^ And if that force is a numpty who doesn’t
know how to use it

And they get injured

Whose fault is that?

The kettlebell?

See I was talking to a lady the other day

And a physio had told her NOT to do
kettlebells cos it’s bad for her back…

Apparently this physio sees loads of people
who’ve hurt themselves in this way…

(I would like to add that NONE of them have
come from BKS by the way)

Mainly because I focus on fixing people’s
movement before sticking a weight on it…

Like Dave who didn’t touch a weight until the
last session of his 14 day trial

And is now chucking around bells totally pain

Cos he’s learned how to do it properly

This is why I don’t do pay as you go sessions

It’s why there’s a program to follow

It’s why I can help you whatever level of
fitness you are at right now…

Cos you start from where you’re at

No confusion

To make sure you don;t hurt yourself…

Cos the problem with telling someone NOT to
do something

Is that you’re gonna do it anyway

So you might as well find out HOW to do it

Before you actually do hurt yourself

And then blame the bell

Now the 14 day trials are closed until August
at the moment…

^^^ If you want in on that one you’ll have to
hit me up to get on the list

But if you can’t wait that long

Then my Online Lard Buster

Is EXACTLY what you’re looking for

You’ll get more info here v v v



p.s. If you have hurt yourself in the past
with a kettlebell

And you want to carry on

This will be right up your street






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