I Want To Clear Something Up

I feel I should

Because I had an unsubscribe last week

    “Didn’t Subscribe”

^^^ That’s what he said…

Thing is though

The ONLY reason you get these emails is
because you gave me your email address

If you like reading them then that’s great

Crack on

If for some strange reason you don’t

If they annoy you in any way…

Or if you have no intention of using ANY of
the information I give out freely

Then that’s cool

But I would suggest it’s time for you to

(which you can do at the bottom of this email
by the way)

Cos if you don’t like what I say here you’re
definitely not gonna like what I’m gonna talk

At my Free Live Online Training Event

I’m just putting some finishing touches to it
as you read this

Cos the last time I ran this

Although it was a resounding success

And out of the fellas who showed up

Three Quarters of them decided to join my
online program

And are feeling a damn sight fitter stronger
and healthier

Not to mention more motivated…

I feel I can still make some improvements

Especially as their results will be in by the
time I ‘Go Live’

The event is entitled :

How To Lose A Ton Of Lard Without Having To
Join A Gym (with as little as 20 mins per
day) – And ZERO Dieting

And the invites go out in THIS SATURDAY’S email

So keep an eye out for that

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. If you’ve come straight here…

Then unsubscribe is this way






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