Wanna See My Todger

I’ve never seen it…

If you’ve seen it then you might be able to
tell me more

But there’s a show I’ve heard of

‘Naked Attraction’

Apparently it’s a dating show where the
prospective numpties are all naked…

–> And they need more women

Funny that

You got a chance see the bits and bobs of
loads of lasses

And they aren’t really up for that

I mean let’s face it

A naked woman looks WAY better than a naked
man right…

The male member is hardly very attractive is

Got me to thinking though

There are plenty of fellas out there

I know cos I used to be one

And you will know what I’m on about here

We decide that it doesn’t matter

Yep we want our women to look all nice and

But we decide to let ourselves go (cos women
are more sensitive than to be bothered about
that right)

Now besides this being a load of old bollocks

What about YOU dude?

Are YOU happy with the way you look & feel

Do you get a bit down when someone comments
on your shape?

or do you just laugh it off

And do nowt about it

Then go and eat cos it makes you feel better


This may sound a bit harsh but it’s what I
used to do

So I know how it feels

A whole tub of Carte D’or ice cream used to
make me feel much better (back in the day)

For about 5 minutes

Then a few beers would REALLY make everything

Until the hangover kicked in the next day…

And that’s ok dude

We’re all human

You’re not alone

You’ll soon realise this when you click this
link v v v


We’re here waiting to help you FINALLY get
hold of your shit


p.s. I was gonna include a piccy of my

For a laugh

But the Zoom wasn’t strong enough for you to
see it 🙁





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