Wanna See Some Nipples

Tomorrow could go one of two ways

See it’s ‘Blue Monday’

Which is the most depressing day of the year apparently

Christmas is over

Everyone is skint

There’s nothing on the horizon until it gets light

In 3 months time

But there is a likkle ray of hope for you

See while everyone else is waking up to another day of

–> YOU could be waking up excited

Raring to go

Ready to get in better shape than you have been for the
last 25 years

And all because you hit this link


And applied for my

S T R O N G – Dad

Online program

This program will be individualised FOR YOU

So it doesn’t matter how fit you are (or not)

It doesn’t matter that you can’t seem to stick to

And it certainly doesn’t matter that you have no clue
how to get yourself back in shape

(cos it all seems to have changed since you were a lad)

HINT: It Hasn’t

You’re just a few years older that’s all

But that definitely DOESN’T mean you’re finished

Far from it

You still have your BEST years ahead of you

So you might as well be — S T R O N G

Which is why this program is right up your street

If not…

I’ll give you your money back

Oh and did I mention it’s currently 50% OFF

(I must have gone stark raving bonkers with this flu
I’ve had)

So I’d take advantage of that now before I come to my

And then tomorrow you’ll certainly not be blue…

But only if you hit this link and apply

==> HIT THIS LINK to apply for S T R O N G – Dad

Oh and you’ll get to see some nipples too


p.s. I warned you 😉




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