Wanna Feel This?

‘What do you think of that’


Those were the words from a young fella who
happened to be walking past us during a
session last week

He pulled up his top and showed us his six

Which is presumable where he pulled his can
of Bud from (the one he was drinking while he
walked through the park)

Must be a cut above…

Cos most of the fellas down there are on the
79p cans of cider…


After he’d flashed his midriff

He walked up to me…

‘Feel that’

^^^ While he tensed his bicep…


So there’s your stereotype of the gym bro I
have no interest in training…

Just cos you have six pack abs doesn’t mean

And I’d much rather be able to move well

Than spend my time doing bicep curls…

I’m not really sure who this fella was trying
to impress

Considering I was training a Mum of two

And A Dad who works long hours

^^^ So six pack abs are faaaaaaaarrrr from
what they want

And the fact that he was walking through a
park drinking and trying to impress everyone
around him

Suggests to me that being ripped is
compensating for something missing in his

Which brings me to you dude…

What results are you looking for?

^^^ Really

Have a good old think about it

Cos I’m pretty damn sure that if you want to
lose weight and get stronger

^^^ It’s not to look good

Although that will happen

What does it ACTUALLY give you

I’m talking stuff like

More Energy – so you’re not walking around
like a zombie

Less Stress – so you can stop snapping at the
kids and blaming all mistakes on other people

Better Focus – so you’re not in a daydream
all day at work until there’s half an hour to
go (meaning you have to stay back cos you
couldn’t concentrate until it was too late)

More Confidence – so you can seduce your
missus like you used to… (remember those

^^^ Just a few things to get you started
there my man…

I shall leave you to think of some others

And when you’re done just click this link

Cos all of this is waiting there for you

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p.s. I won’t show you my six pack…

It’s under too many folds





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