Walking 84 Miles In 36 Hours Straight

A little over 10 years ago I did something that was a huge
challenge for me at the time

I was overweight

Out of shape

And I hated hated hated exercise

Yep I went to the gym but I didn’t enjoy one minute of it

The when I joined a 40 mile walk (20 miles per day over 2 days) I
thought it would be easy…

I’d been on the rower every day for the last couple of months

I’d been lifting weights

So yep… 20 miles per day would be easy peasy (and I did it)

Afterwards I could hardly function

My hips were in agony

My knees were screaming

I was a total mess…

At 30 years old I was washed up… that was it… no more long
walks for me…

So last year when I decided to walk from Cheltenham to Bath along
the Cotswold Way in one go

72 miles (ish) in 30 hours

Just to prove that the stuff we do here at BKS makes you nails I
even surprised myself at what happened afterwards

I left Cheltenham at 9am on the Saturday

Arrived back in Bath at 3pm on the Sunday (after walking
constantly through the night and everything)

Took off my boots and had a one hour kip…


Then went to meet couple of mates in the pub at 5pm…

I slept like a baby that night and was back in the park with the
BKS crew at 7am

By the Wednesday I was back squatting with double kettlebells

Apart from a couple of blisters on my slightly swollen feet I had
ZERO PAIN in my joints

So a whole TEN YEARS after my first encounter of ‘endurance
walking’ I had finally proven to myself that I wasn’t feeble

And I’m gonna do it again…

In 7 weeks time I shall be walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall
in one go

That’s 84 miles… so I estimate it will take 36 hours

It’s a scary challenge but then that’s what life’s all about

Challenging yourself to do stuff that scares you

like getting back in shape

It’s a scary thought…

Which is why I want to help you along the way… so you don’t
have to do it on your own…

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p.s. Imagine what you’ll be able to do in 10 years time





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