Walk With Tom Jones

Why… Why… Why…



^^^ Guess who that’s an email impression of …

The one and only… Tom Jones (isn’t it)

And I know him…

Went for a 25 mile walk with him the other day

Ok maybe that’s a bit of an embellishment of the truth… He’s
not the one and only as it turns out

But I did go for a walk with Tom Jones… Not that one though

This one is younger fitter… and better looking

And he’s pretty dam F. I. T

He completed the 3 peaks challenge a couple of weeks ago (when
the winds were high and the rain was coming in sideways)

Myself and him… Me and him… him and I…

Well the two of us anyway… and a couple of others are doing a
100k walk along the South Downs Way in a couple of weeks

So you could say he’s a pretty determined fella

And I’m proud to say he’s a member of BKSIC… The Inner Circle
monthly program

Which you can join here v v v

==> BKISC… join up and get an INSTANT program

Tom was the 2nd fella to join BKSIC… way back in November 2016
(on the 2nd issue)

So you could say he’s pretty happy with his progress (and it
won’t be long until he gets the coveted BKS 100 Club t-shirt
too… of that I have no doubt)

If you’re unsure about BKSIC… here’s how it works

You join… HERE

You get a program sent to you every month…

And not one of your Star Jumps and Burpees as fast as you can
programs either…

I’m talking about programs that will make you NAILS… and rather
proficient with a Kettlebell (as Tom Jones is)

This is NOT a run of the mill training system… (if you want one
of those then just google ‘training program’ and see what

If you don’t like what you see in there… you can cancel ANY

And if you’re still unsure

Or maybe you just want a one-off program that’ll make you super

Well you’re catered for there too my good man…

Cos you can get your hands on ANY of the 20 back issues by
visiting the page below

==> Browse the BKSIC back issues (and choose the one that suits
your goal)

I’m good to you aren’t I 😉



p.s. What’s got two Thumbs

Speaks French

And likes Snatch…

Answer tomorrow





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