Walk This Way

There are many benefits to going for a walk…

– You’ll get fitter

– You’ll burn fat

– Just being outside is good for your mental health (which is a
big thing these days it would seem)

– You see and hear things you wouldn’t usually see or hear

– Your head will become clear allowing you to focus on whatever
you need to do when you get back to work

– It’ll take your mind off that bit of cake at the coffee bar
that keeps on calling out to you

^^^ And if you do eat it then at least you’ve burnt some calories
beforehand (which is how most of us think about this stuff

There is a way to supercharge walking

These are all ideas of what you can do with that doorstop at home

Instead of stubbing your toe on the damn thing you can pick it up
and show it who’s boss

So if you haven’t got time to go for a walk at lunchtime you can
do this in the moring before you go to work

It’ll take you 10 minutes (or less)…

^^^ Or more if you want it too

It’ll get you STRONG

Your heart rate WILL increase giving you some of that important
Cardio you crave so much

And if you don’t have room in your house to swing a mouse…

You can do it on the spot

So there are no excuses to NOT do this (cos you’re already
thinking of a few I can tell)…

The Loaded Carry Medley ….

Posted by Peter Lant on Tuesday, 18 September 2018

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Or indeed STAY in shape (cos you’re running out of ideas)

Suffice it to say that I have plenty of em

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