I Used To Hate This Stuff

Been getting a lot of comments on the old Farcebook

Here’s one from this week

“Kettlebells help build strength and flexibility more
so than free weights in my opinion, which can build
strength, bulk and a certain amount of inflexibility.”

Now you know I love kettlebells

They are in my opinion the best tool to get you
stronger fitter and healthier without having to leave
the house

And considering I like to keep things as simple as
possible then kettlebells help me do just that

I used them exclusively for over 3 years and continued
to get way stronger than I ever thought I could be

This doesn’t mean that I don’t recognise the effects of
other types of training though…

As you’ll see from my reply to the guy’s statement

“thanks for your comment…

lifting any weights can lead to inflexibility when the
person lacks the mobility in a certain movement…

If you can’t access a position with just your body
weight then adding load is only going to feed the
problem (I had years of doing this and never got any

I’ve seen many people who can access a squat position
by rocking on the floor but can’t get the same position
when standing… these same people used to get injured
when adding load to their squat…

That’s why I teach progressions so you can start where
you’re at right now and progress with less risk of

As I said above… I spent many years ignoring mobility
and just lifting (what I thought were) heavy weights

Which lead to a knackered left shoulder

Sore and clicky left hip

And left wrist pain

Along with still feeling weak

This happened over and over again…

Which is why I decided to change what I was doing (cos
it clearly wasn’t working)

It also lead me to doing this for a living

Cos if a weak, non-sporty, ex smoking & heavy drinking,
couch potato box set bingeing, ready meal eating, podgy
fella like me can get lean and strong

Then ANYONE can

Seriously… I used to HATE this sort of stuff

If I was receiving these emails at the time I would
have HATED me as I am now

Mainly because it’s what I always secretly wanted to be

I was just too lazy and pig-headed to actually do
anything about it

Until it became a huge problem for me

The guys here at BKS say it all the time

They can’t believe the stuff they used to find
difficult (and how easy it is now)

^^^ Like carrying a suitcase out to the car (if that
hurts your shoulders then strength is a problem)

This is why I want to help you

This is why I set up BKS

It’s why I have set up my STRONG DAD online program

So I can help YOU become stronger

That way you don’t turn into a moaning old fart with a



p.s. If you’re interested in the STRONG DAD program
then hit me up

I’m gonna be opening it up again in a couple of weeks

So I may just be able to secure you a spot…






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