Training For Longevity

I was at a workshop on Sunday learning more stuff so I can keep
helping you move well

It was with a fella called Andy McKenzie who’s been in the
industry for years and has rather a long list of injuries (which
has been a huge influence on how he likes to train)

He asked a question at the very start…

“Who here has a training philosophy?”

Everyone looked around at each other with vacant expressions so I
thought I would raise my hand…

“Training for longevity”

^^^ That just about sums up what BKS is all about

At 41 years old I have no interest in being able to lift heavier
weights than anyone else

I have zero need of 6 pack abs

And I certainly don’t want to be doing anything that aggravates
my joints causing pain and discomfort

Which is why I spend a LOT of time on mobility (cos without it
the simplest movements become difficult)

^^^ This is when you use momentum to get you through the day
(have a look around at how people walk if you want to see how
this effects daily life)

Most people lean forwards to fall onto their feet and use
momentum to keep moving…

These same people decide that running is the best way to get in
shape… so they just fall forwards faster…

Then they wonder why they get sore knees and a strained neck

That’s easy for me to say though isn’t it because this is what I
do for a living…

But that’s not the whole story…

I wasn’t into sports at school

I drank and smoked through University

I carried on drinking and smoking while doing a desk job for 15
years after I graduated

So by the time I was 35 my mobility was POOR at best

Especially as my belly got in the way when I tried to touch my
toes (which resulted in me being out of breath)

I’ve just realised that I’m about to go into a massive monologue
here so I will cut it short for you (cos I think you get the

This is why I take time out of my weekends to go to these
workshops (at my own expense)

Cos I LOVE learning more … so I can help fellas like you

Fellas like I used to be

It’s why I take the money I earn at BKS to invest in my knowledge
so I can become a better coach

Which is why I can now say I have well above average mobility for
a fella my age

And there’s no reason you shouldn’t have that too

It just takes a bit of investment

Now you don’t need to invest a load of money but you will
certainly have to invest some time

And not just for a day or so…

If you invest a small amount of time DAILY to just get moving
(like going for a walk) you will certainly feel the benefits

You’ll probably lose a few pounds too…

If you think you don’t have the time to move during the day…

Then I can certainly help you SAVE time by showing you EXACTLY
what to do based on your current fitness and mobility

If you want me to do that though then you will have to invest
some money too…


You can jump into Bath Kettlebell ‘Secret’ Society which is a
FREE resource where you can ask questions and get help from me
and the 100 other people in there (and it’s growing)

There’s already a LOAD of information in there that’ll help you
no matter what your fitness level is

* If you’re TOTALLY out of shape the mobility stuff in there will
help you move well again

* If you’re somewhat ‘in shape’ but are just stuck with what to
do next… there’s a bunch of stuff that I can help you out
with… and there’s already a few videos in there that’ll help

* You may already be well on your way to being NAILS… I can
still help you though… maybe you need some technique help (as
Kurt did the other day)… He just asked for help and I made him
a video…

(Actually THREE videos)

Just to help him with one problem…

I get it that my programs aren’t cheap but then I think you
already know why that is…

The more I invest in becoming a better coach the more value I can
deliver via my programs

But that’s cool…

If it’s out of your price range right now then Please, Please,
Please DON’T waste your money on the cheapest trainer or cheapest
fitness classes out there…

Cos cheap and best rarely go in the same sentence (if ever)

You’ll get way more from my FREE community ….

==> Get Access to Bath Kettlebell ‘Secret’ Society



p.s. If you do waste your money on a cheap program though…

Good luck with that…

Probably best to unsubscribe though cos if you don’t want my help
for free

And aren’t prepared to pay

Then I’m not gonna be able to help






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