Tired & Out Of Shape? Me Too

So I’ve been up north the last few days

Seeing family

Then spending some time focusing on what will
happen over the next 90 days

I started to reflect on everything that’s
happened to me over the last few years


I was in a job that I began to hate (but
stayed cos I didn’t know what else to do)

Was made redundant from said job

Used this time to think about what happens

This was hugely stressfull for started
to effect my relationship with my wife

Did nothing about it cos it was all about

I had no idea what I wanted to do but just
plodded on trying to get things right

I played the victim (which pushed my wife
even further away)

I tried to get through this but felt drowned
and couldn’t juggle everything at once

Started to try to claw back the relationship
but was too late

I realised I’d been unhappy for a long time
but was just hiding from it

–> I was in a hole and couldn’t get out

Until I found a coach to throw me a rope

To just say he was there and knew what I was
going through

That’s all I was looking for

Someone who could understand my situation

Someone who got me

Just before I lost my job I was out of shape




–> Was this really it?

It’s taken me a couple of years but I’ve
climbed out of the hole

Albeit with a failed marriage but I’ve
learned to deal with that

^^^ Cos it was my fault

All pain, struggle and suffering is…

100% of the time

You cause your own struggle

If you’re tired, stressed, out of shape,

(out of control even)

It’s your responsibility to own up to this

–> And do something about it

I know it’s harsh dude but this was a MASSIVE
realisation for me

And continues to be

Don’t know if you’d noticed but I feel a bit
like that right now (cos I’m tired)

^^^ But this is temporary

It will pass

As long as I don’t let it take hold

This is why I do what I do

Cos I know it helps fellas like you who are
in exactly the same situation

And it’s why I’m gonna stand in front of you
and tell you how to deal with it

On 8 April

Here v v v


Seriously dude… this shit can stop you
going to the place I went to

It’s no joke

But it doesn’t half make everything much
clearer and gives you a purpose again


p.s. Bit of a deep one today dude

But I find it easy to talk about this stuff

^^^ Cos I stopped hiding from it

Took it head on and stopped being a victim

And that’s powerful as fook my man


If that’s too much for you to deal with right
now dude

Then this is exactly what you need



Or you can carry on this way and keep hiding

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