This Will Probably Annoy You But I’m Not Sorry

You have two choices

— 1) Use your struggles as excuses to NOT to do something

— 2) Take what you learn from those struggles and use that
knowledge to grow and achieve MORE

Using myself as an example

– When I was younger I found things out about my family that were
hard for me to deal with (so I drank… A LOT)

I dealt with nothing…

– My father died of lung cancer when he was 65 years old (and I
miss him every day)

– I fell into a job I didn’t understand, but it paid really well
so I stuck at it (for 15 years)

– Every day in that job I thought I wasn’t good enough, I was out
of my depth, I would be found out soon and fired

– 15 years later in Sep 2013 I was made redundant (told you)

– I fell into a job where I STILL don’t feel that I’m good enough
(it’s different this time though)

– I set up my own business with ZERO customers to start (just me)

– My marriage failed during this time

– This is when I decided to face up to everything that has held
me back in the past

Starting out on your my and taking responsibility for everything
that happens to me is the hardest thing I have EVER done but at
the same time has been the most rewarding thing

These struggles that held me back have taught me a huge amount
about how shit life can be (but I have also realised that it’s

EVERYONE has shit to deal with (and my stuff is insignificant
compared to some of the stuff I read and hear about)

It’s not insignificant to me though (which means it’s up to ME to
deal with it)

I’m currently going through a divorce while I grow my business

This is the most stressful time in my life so far yet I feel
totally in control (with so many variables around me)

I certainly don’t look forward to the struggles but realise that
they WILL appear and I’m better placed to deal with them if I’ve
done the work

Do The Work…

That’s what it takes dude…

So if you’re prone to blaming everything and everyone for
your current lifestyle resulting in needing to lose a few pounds
and get back in shape…

Then consider the above… The sooner you realise YOU are in
control of what happens to YOU…

The sooner you will get what you want…



p.s. If this has annoyed you in any way then I make no

It’s what I needed to hear and understand for most of my life

Funny thing is I knew it all along… it was just easier to ignore

But now i’m on the other side of the constant struggle

It all makes sense

Still not with me

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