This Is What Knackered Looks Like

“I’m knackered after a busy weekend”

^^^ That was pretty much the genereal consensus at the 9:30 am
session yesterday

But then this happened…

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Monday, 23 April 2018

The folk in the video would have ALL struggled with this a year

(or even not have been able to do it at all)

Claire used to think doing 300 swings with a 16kg bell was an

And here she is doing 150 Snatches with the same bell (which is
AWESOME by the way)

I was talking to some of the guys on the STRONG DAD program about
this last week…

Some of them are struggling with motivation because the program
just got a little bit harder

But I reminded them that 2 months ago what they are doing now was
impossible (at the time)

They’ve created a new ‘Normal’

The old them is long gone and the new fitter, stronger and
healthier version certainly doesn’t want to regress back to the
old ways…

Now you’re probably here because at some point you wanted to get
back in shape…

So what happened?

Did you get busy or forget

Did you decide that everything’s ok as it is

If so then that’s cool…

I get it cos I was like that for 10 years

Everything was fine… until it wasn’t…

And I’ll still be here when you’re ready (whenever that is)

But what I can’t guarantee is that there will be any space left
on any of my programs (especially if you’re not ready for a long

The next phase of the STRONG DAD Online Program starts ON MONDAY

To be part of it you must apply

There is no other way in…

==> Apply To Be A STRONG DAD

If your application is successful then just think about how nails
you’ll be by June

(Just in time for summer…. hopefully)



p.s. I forgot about an email I was gonna write last week

So tomorrow… pinky promise 🙂






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