They Call Me The Tripod

So what are the 3 pillars of health and

They are v v v




So let’s start with the first one…

^^^ Cos that’s what fellas seem to think will
get em ripped

So what do you need to do?

1) STOP smashing yourself to pieces in the

2) Learn how to move well

3) Then move often

That’s pretty much it…

To learn how to move well is the key here

Cos without that…

Moving often is gonna smash your joints to
pieces (if it hasn’t already)

And I hear from fellas all the time about how
they can’t run any more…

Can’t play football

Haven’t been able to touch their toes for

Have knackered hips


Cranky shoulders

Dodgy knees…

So whenever they exercise it hurts…

Which causes them to stop…

Or worse…

Carry on through the pain

^^^ Now if this is you

You need to learn how to move well to stop
the pain from happening in the first place…

To keep you from causing more problems in the

Until you turn into an old fart who sits
there and grumbles about how they used to wow
the ladies back in the day

^^^ If you’re not there already…

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So I can show you EXACTLY what I’m talking

It’s helped hundreds of fellas already…

And I want to help you

Starting Next Monday…

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p.s. Unless you want to stay in pain…

Which from what I remember isn’t that nice





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