The Secret To Getting In Shape

^^^ Ok that was to get you to open this up

Cos as we all know… there are no secrets

It’s all pretty obvious but for some reason you just ignore what
ACTUALLY works and keep looking for the quick fix

But if it’s taken you the best part of 40 years to get in the
shape you are now then I have some bad news for you dude

It’s gonna take a bit more than a couple of weeks on a diet to
get back in shape

However it’s actually pretty simple as this quote from a book I’m
reading suggests v v v

“A short practice that you do every day is better than a long
practice you keep putting off to tomorrow.”

And YOU are proof of that

If you’re not the shape you want to be right now

If you have a nice pair of jublies and the jowls to match (as I
used to)

^^^ Had a crackin’ pair me…


It’s the philosophy behind this statement that got you there

Doing something every day (no matter how small) adds up over time

That piece of cake you have at three in the afternoon at work
when you’re bored

The packet of crisps mid morning just to tide you over to lunch

A couple of mid-week beers (and a couple of bags of crisps)

Take-away Tuesdays (that’s a thing that someone I know used to
do)… just cos it begins with a ‘t’

Pudding in the evening (desert if you’re posh)

These all add up

In fact that list above will probably cost you somewhere in the
region of…

4,500 calories per week…

^^^ And that doesn’t count the weekend excess either

That equates to ONE THIRD of your weekly calories just on the
‘EXTRA’ Stuff

Scary right…

Especially if you’ve been doing this for the last 10 years or

It’s no wonder you struggle to lose a few pounds

Especially considering there’s temptation at every turn

Snack Machines

Office Birthday cakes (which is pretty much every day)

Beer Garden Beers


It’s REALLY easy to fall into these habits… especially as
there’s ZERO effort involved

However you can change all of this

It just takes a little bit of effort

And some help from bunch of fellas who’ve all had enough of being
persuaded into making unhealthy choices because it’s easy

Fellas like those on the STRONG DAD Online Program

We all get how hard this is my man

Which is why we want to help you get back in shape the way we

^^^ While LOVING it I might add (did you see Paul’s review of the
program the other day?

If you didn’t then hit me up and I’ll send it to you again 🙂

If you have then it’s decision time

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