The Results Are In [and they’re impressive]

What a rubbish week…


I’ve been lacking some serious motivation…

^^^ Not sure why… but it’s happening

Or rather it was

Until I spoke to the lady who is on the STRONG DAD

(I know it’s supposed to be dads but this lady is a
badass so I let her in)

^^^ And she was referred by her brother who did my 6
Week Online Lard Buster in Oct 2016

And is still a part of the BKS Inner Circle

So I guess you could say we are a BKS ‘Family’


This lady brightened up my whole week with what she
told me yesterday

It was her fortnightly Skype check-in (part of the

And we did a progress check

Here’s what’s happened

* She’s lost 30lb since the beginning of January

^^^ That’s over 2 stone

* She’s lost 8.5 inches from her body (5 of those from
her hips)

* She says she can ‘feel’ her abs again (which she
hasn’t been able to for years)

To top it all off she has a BEAMING smile on her face

I’ll take that as progress

And we’re only a month in

2 to go…

And she’s already interested in what happens after the
initial 3 months…


The STRONG DAD program is closed until next month…

But if you can’t wait until then and you’re raring to go

(AND you already know a little bit about exercising)

You can start my 6 Week Online Lard Buster

==> Click here to find out more about it

Which is exactly what Alistair did yesterday

He starts Monday 🙂

Wanna join him?



p.s. Don’t think there’s anything I can add that will
top all of that




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