The Most Effective Exercise

You must be the fittest man in the world

All you do is work out all day

^^^ That’s what people seem to think I do…

But what if I told you that my workouts are
rarely more than 30 minutes


That’s it

5 days a week with weekends off

^^^ Which is when I go for a walk

See it’s not about how much exercise you do

Just go to any gym in the land to see the
evidence of that…


It’s about doing ‘effective’ exercise

And the kettlebell swing


That’a about as effective as it gets

Works for me anyway

And all of the fellas on my programs

We do loads of them

And I’m inviting you to join us

For Free

On the May Swing Challenge

All you need to do is hit this link

Find 20 mins per day

And you’re in


This is your chance to have me coach you

For Free (there’s that word again)

If that doesn’t interest you though

Then my paid for stuff definitely won’t be
for you

So you might as well do one v v v





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