The ‘Fattest’ Generation

So it would appear we are turning into a nation a

^^^ My words yes but it’s based on population trends

It’s based around how tubby the millenial generation
will be by the time they are middle aged

^^^ Millenials being described as people being born as
early as 1982 or so (is that you?)

Turns out as many as SEVENTY PERCENT will be overweight

Which is massive

Apparently ‘only’ half of the baby boomer generation
were fat at middle age…

So hang on…. what does that make us?

I was born in the 70s so am neither a boomer nor a

A smoggie? (that’s what they call people from
Middlesborough by the way… but then I’m from

Anyhoo… close enough for southerners I suppose…

We are the most obese nation in Western Europe

And we constantly whine about how stretched the NHS is
(these two may be linked in some way)

This has been a concern for me for a very long time

Mainly cos I used to be fat…

Had jugs and everything… (sorry mosoms)

And I could feel that I was getting old before my time
(which wasn’t particularly pleasent)

Considering feeling old at 35 when the wonders of
modern science could keep me alive until I’m 100

And giving myself 20 more years before things tarted to
fal off…

That would give me 45 years with a really low quality
of life

^^^ No thank you very much

So what about you dude?

Are you overweight?

Are you out of shape?

Are sick and tired of it?

Are you constantly joking about it with your friends
and family when secretly you HATE the fact that you are
this way

(But you don’t know what to do about it)

If this is YOU

The my STRONG DAD Online Program will certainly help

The application closes TOMORROW

Which is when I will start making calls to those who’ve

And by next Monday you could be on your way to being
one of the 30% of ‘In-Shape’ fellas

^^^ Which will also set a fine example for your kids…

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