The Elephant On The Room

I just thought I’d clear something up for you

Cos I’ve had a lot of enquiries over the last few days

So I’ll start here v v v

If your first question is — “How Much Are The Sessions”

Then NONE of my programs will work for you…

Seriously… If you want to pay-per-session there are plenty of
places you can go and get a workout for a couple of quid…

There are a load of trainers out there who are happy to just
stand and shout at you while you flop around like a decked salmon


^^^ They’ll say that a lot… especially if you’re looking
particularly knackered

You’ll go for a couple of weeks and then life will get in the
way… but because it’s pay-as-you-go you WON’T GO

Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of getting in shape right

My programs however

They Get You Results… simple as that

It may take 10 sessions

It may take 100

But if you tell me you want to get fitter, stronger, faster

— You want to lose weight

— You want a stronger core to help you keep running or cycling

— Or playing tennis (which is killing your knees)

Then I’ll design a program for you that will get you there (in as
long as it takes)

You read the review from Paul the other day

He’s on the STRONG DAD program and a big result for him was to be
able to walk up and down stairs without hurting his knees (and
not having to use the hand rail)

^^^ So you see how joining a pay-as-you-go bootcamp isn’t quite
gonna cut it for him

Not that there’s anything wrong with these places by the way…
but you certainly won’t get a lot of individual attention

Which is why it costs more to work with me cos I will treat
you as an individual

You will be given a program designed FOR YOU… to get you the
result YOU WANT

You will have the support of the other fellas on the program…
but they will probably be starting from a different fitness level


You will share similar experiences which has proven hugely
valuable for the guys on the current program

Who’ve said themselves that they would have given up by now if
they were on their own

So I have a question for you…

“What’s the #1 obstacle that’s stopping you from joining the
STRONG DAD Online Program”

Just reply to this email and tell me



p.s. If it’s price… then it’s not for you

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