The Eagle Has Landed

They’ve LANDED

And a few have been EARNED already…

I am of course talking about…

These v v v

club 100 club 100

club 100

BKS Club 100 isn’t easy to get into

Especially if you want a BLACK t-shirt (and who doesn’t)

These guys were all TOTAL beginners when they started training
with me

One of em had CHRONIC pain (pretty much everywhere) and was
almost ready to give up exercise completely

The other two have had a few bumps on the way but keep on showing
up and getting stronger

Which is why they’ve PROVEN their nailsness (it’s a word)… 😉

Who will be next?

It could be you… but only if you’re an official part of BKS

Here’s the best place to start v v v

==> CLICK HERE to find out how to be part of the BKS community

^^^ So you can get fitter and stronger like these guys did

And continue to do



p.s. If you’re wondering where my Black t-shirt is

I did earn one

But it’s not about me…

It’s about getting YOU stronger






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