The Biggest Problem With Getting In Shape

^^^ It’s NOT the turning up for the sessions

It’s NOT finding time to ‘workout’

It’s NOT what you need to do…

^^^ For that you can just go for a walk
for 30 mins per day… which is a good start
by the way

The biggest problem is when you’re NOT thinking
about getting in shape

Which is pretty much ALL OF THE TIME

This is when you decide it doesn’t matter if
you have a take-away cos you don’t have time
to make dinner (which can happen 3 or 4 nights
on the run)

Then you have dinner out with a client or whatever

Then it’s the weekend

Before you know it you haven’t eaten a home cooked
meal for almost a month

And if you want to get in shape this can become a problem

But I have the solution…

The answer to all of your needs

And it’s right here v v v

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