The BEST Yet

So as you read this…

I’m on a train filling my face to get as much
energy as possible for my next challenge…

Cos if you don’t challenge yourself dude

How do you grow?…

I discovered something a while back…

Without a challenge we remain the same…

We get bored…

Which is when we ‘Look’ for problems that
don’t exist

We make the un-important


And this creates stress

Now the challenge doesn’t have to be as big
as walking 100km in one go

It could be something as simple as starting a
new exercise program

Like my monthly

— BKS Inner Circle

Which goes out tomorrow at NOON

Here’s what’s in it this month

– How NOT to screw everything up on holiday
(and still have a relaxing time)

– Why most fellas fail when starting an
exercise program (and a ‘hack’ so you don’t
do the same)

– How to stop your body ‘grumbling’ when you
start to exercise

– How to maintain progress with 5-10 mins per

– The 25 principle that you can slip into ANY
training program easily

– Why this may be the LAST BKSIC I produce
(assuming I’m still alive)

– The POWER of 25… which is what you
definitely WON’T be using right now

– How to avoid ‘Pointless’ exercise (that
will waste your valuable time)

– ^^^ And how to make a 20 min session give
you the MAXIMUM return

– How to do the BEST damn squats you’ve EVER
done (and why it matters)

– Where ‘Goldilocks’ lives

– How to learn a new skill without it
effecting your progress

– Make sure your hips can move freely (even
of you sit at a desk all day)

– How to get the best out of my unique online
nutrition system

– Learn to strip away body fat while
maintaining (or building strength)

– Get ‘Super Lean’

– How I lost 5kg in weight (while having 2
weeks off training in the middle)

Video demonstrations



There’s LOADS in there my friend…

And that’s just ONE month…


So if you wanna get your grubby mits on a
copy then

Here’s the link v v v

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. My legs are gonna hate me tomorrow…

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY






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