That’s No Quality Of Life

Have you ever seen anyone do this before?

You know how I keep SHOWING you how nails the guys here at BKS

How I have numerous examples

Well here’s another one

Claire wasn’t feeling it on Thursday (she was looking for a
reason NOT to show up)

She’d had a restless night with the kids

Was feeling tired

But I ‘convinced’ her to come along

And then THIS happened v v v

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Thursday, 12 July 2018

Now this may LOOK easy… but that’s cos Claire makes it look

Let me tell you it certainly is not

That’s 24kg in total she’s lobbing above her head (10 times no
less)… for multiple sets

Along with pressing and squatting 2 x 16kg bells

^^^ Did you know she couldn’t even do a bodyweight squat this
time last year

(Just sitting down and standing up on a bench made her thighs

That’s no quality of life if you ask me… the simplest of things
causing you to ache

Which makes you a miserable git (I know cos this used to be me
too by the way)

This is why I start You from where YOU ar at right now

YES I can get you fit and strong in 6 weeks…

(but that doesn’t mean it will last and will probably lead to
injury forcing you to stop)

Which is no good to anyone


On the STRONG DAD program you’ll get a PERSONALISED program just
for YOU…

And in 6 weeks time you’ll be feeling WAY stronger but you won’t
be burnt out

In fact you’ll be feeling pretty damn sprightly

(And that’s GUARANTEED by the way)

If you stick to the program and don’t get the results we agreed
upon at the very beginning

I’ll refund you EVERY PENNY

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s I know Claire isn’t a dad …

She is a Mum though… and she’s STRONG



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