That Time Of The Month

It’s that time of the month again my

I’m gonna extend you an ‘exclusive’ invite

To join the BKS Inner Circle

It goes out TOMORROW at noon

(so if you want in you’d best be quick)

Here’s the results you’ll get from this
month’s ‘bumper’ issue

– How to build the strength of a Gladiator
without burning yourself out (with only 30
mins per day)

– Simple and effective ‘hacks’ on fat loss
from a UK Certified Dietician

– Why the BKS Nutrition System means You
Cannot Fail to strip away body fat (and leave
a leaner looking you behind)

– How to actually have fun fun fun while
getting fitter and stronger (and why that

– Maintain your strength and fitness without
having to do hours of meaningless exercise

– Learn what you need to do to get more

– ^^^ And some deep breathing … (will this
every stop)

– Bottom’s up (I’m at it again)

– How to fire up your core without doing
millions of pointless sit-ups

– EXACTLY what you need to do to torch fat
from your body faster than a George Formby

– How much protein you actually need to eat

– All of the motivation you will EVER need so
you can’t fail to lose weight (ready for your

– My own personal motivation (which is why I
keep on getting stronger and fitter at 40
than I’ve EVER been)

– One Super Simple principle to follow that
will almost force fat from your body

* PLUS a little ‘secret’ that will dazzle the
pants off of anyone you know (or would like
to get to know better) 😉

So if you’ve been sort of ‘thinking’ about
this for a while

Then THIS is the issue that will make damn
sure you start fast

(and become a lean mean machine by the summer

Just in time to get your top off on the beach
and become the envy of all the other flabby

As well as the Adonis that runs around their
Mrs dreams at night


p.s. Miss it and you’ll miss All of the




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