That Thing I Asked You To Do

You may remember

At the very start of all of this I invited you to do a free
program for 5 days

Now I know this program works cos everyone who’s tried it has
achieved what it was designed for (which is to burn a ton of lard
and give you loads of energy)

So when this landed in my inbox yesterday it made me smile

” Hi Peter

Sorry it’s taken this long to contact you and tell you how
awesome this was! My goal was to burn fat and gain muscle
definition, torched 4/5% body fat in 5 days which is insane ๐Ÿ™‚

It was interesting to see how much energy I had once I reduced my
carb intake!

Thank you for this! Definitely continuing with kettle bells ๐Ÿ™‚ ”

Now this to me sounds too good to be true… but then who am I to

If these are the results then it just proves that the 5 Day
Kettlebell Fat Funeral is EXACTLY that

And if these are the results you can get in 5 days doing just ONE

Then you can imagine what will happen on my BKS 14 Day Zero To
Hero Trial

Which is designed to showcase what we do here at BKS and you’ll
get to actually meet the fellas who’ve all got STRONG while
burning a ton of lard

Who’ve all overcome previous injuries to live pain free while
being able to exercise without the added worry that they will
blow out a knee at any time

The next trial starts on Mon 9 April

And there are only a couple of spots left up for grabs

So if you’ve had enough of coughing up a lung at the mere sight
of a broken escalator

Then maybe … just maybe… it would be a good time to think
about getting in shape


Actually doing something about it… cos thinking about it will
do precisely NOTHING…

Up to you my friend

If you’re in…

Then just hit the button at the bottom of this link

==> BKS 14 Day Zero To Hero Trial



p.s If you’re not in… tell me why…

I’ll see if I can help






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