Temper Temper

So yesterday’s email might have got you

It may have even annoyed you a little…

or a lot…

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

See there’s this thing called resistance…

And it’ll do anything it can to stop you
getting uncomfortable

(like making you angry at someone for showing
you what you don’t want to see)

But that’s cool

Cos the more angry you get

The more resistance you have

And the good news

For You

Is that the more resistance you feel towards

The more you care about the outcome…

Stands to reason right

Why would you get so annoyed about something
that doesn’t bother you?

That’s why you get annoyed when anyone asks
you why you haven’t started to get fitter and

It’s also why you brush it off with a throw
away comment…

Something like

” I’ll start next Monday ”

^^^ When you already know you won’t

Making you angry at yourself…

That’s a lot of emotion to ‘deal’ with innit

When all you really need to do

Is just get started

Which me and the fellas here at BKS are fully
prepared to help you with

It’s as simple as clicking this link v v v

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p.s. Or this one if you’re even more pissed
off vvv






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