Take A Deep Breath Before Reading This

Ever get angry dude?

You might well do reading these emails

They would have had me seething back in the

^^^ Cos they were exactly what I needed (I
was just too much of a douchebag to realise


One of the sessions in the park the other
week was a bit spicy…

We were chucking some bells around

And there were a couple of drunk guys

Then one of em said something insulting

(I missed this but the fella he said it about

So what happened?


Rather than kicking off about it

The fella in question just took a deep breath

Composed himself

And got on with the session

By the end he said he’d had one of the best
sessions yet

He felt stronger

Cos he’d channelled all of that negative

And used it to push himself further

Leaving him feeling pretty pumped at the end

^^^ And all because he took a deep breath and
slowed down

When previously he would have stayed angry

We’ve all done it my friend

This is when we end up taking our
frustrations out on those closest to us

And when we do this over time it can ruin

^^^ Sounds a bit drastic I know but it ruined
my marriage

And I don’t want that (or similar) to happen
to you my friend

Which is why I’ve learned to recognise
potentially explosive situations

And shift my focus

So I don’t end up hurting everyone around me

^^^ And it’s clearly working for the fellas
at BKS too

Cos this is more than just a workout …

It’s something that will add to your life

Rather than take it over by smashing the crap
out of you every session

^^^ Which you can get for £3 anywhere

You got until TONIGHT to see how this all
works dude

Otherwise you’ll have missed this 14 day

And we’re pretty busy at the minute so I have
no idea when the next one will be

So don’t hang about

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