Swinging A Bell Bigger Than Her Head

Got this message last week

“If only I lived in Bath mate”

Which is perfectly understandable

I get that you see the fellas here chucking weights around making
it look easy and you want to be able to do the same…

Oh and it’s not just the fellas…

Did you see the video of Claire swinging the 40kg bell (this
thing is bigger than her head)

Yet she makes it look effortless

Claire Matthews 40kg Swings

Posted by Bath Kettlebell Society on Thursday, 5 April 2018

^^^ This is a lady who started with BKS almost a year ago

On her very first sessions she couldn’t do a bodyweight squat

So we tried to get her to do squats onto a bench (essentially
sitting down and standing up again)

But even this was impossible…

She often talks about this now…

When she looks back she can’t believe how difficult such a simple
task used to be

And she recalls that when she used to climb stairs she would have
to lean forwards and rest her hands on her knees to stop her
lower back hurting

^^^ Does that sound familiar dude?

So if you’re worried about hurting your already achy lower back
by getting into kettlebell training then you can see that you’re
in safe hands with me

But it’s not as easy as Claire makes it look in the video (or at
least it isn’t if you don’t know what you’re doing)


If you get the right direction from a qualified experienced coach
who’s been chucking kettlebells around for YEARS

Then getting stronger, fitter, faster, healthier…

^^^ That all becomes inevitable

And you don’t even have to live anywhere near Bath… cos I’m
bringing this to YOU

Via my STRONG DAD Online Program

Which starts on Mon 30 April… and there are 10 spaces available

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p.s. I’ll tell you more about the types of results the guys on
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