This Stuff Attracts Women Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Remember the Lynx adverts….

I say remember they still may be on…..

Anyway…. they go on about how you spray
some gunk under your pits….

And the women flock to you…

— like flies around doo doo

Is this true?… well I’m not quite sure it
is you know…

I used to use it about 20 years ago and was
still rubbish with the ladies….

Maybe that was because I drank too much
though… we’ll never know….

The point is that in the world of advertising
it seems anything can be said to sell a
product… as long as it’s said in the
right way

So as not to be misleading…

Was I going to try to take the makers of Lynx
to court because I wasn’t getting any?

I thought about it but just changed from
musk to africa instead

^^^ No joy there either…

At Bath Kettlebell Society we don’t make such
bold claims…

We just get results…

If you don’t get results you get your money
back after 14 days…

We’re confident enough to offer this
guarantee and have never had to use it…

Some of the guys have lost half a stone
on the 14 day trial…

^^^ and that’s before we get into the
REALLY good stuff…

To book your spot you just need to go
here vvv

CLICK HERE to find out EXACTLY what to change to finally get the body YOU want (not the body everyone tells you you SHOULD have)

We can’t make the same promises as the Lynx
guys about getting your end away…

but feeling and looking better surely
can’t hurt…


p.s. I seem to remember Lynx making my
pits sting a bit…





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