Struggle To Get In Shape?

My brain hurts…

Mainly cos I’ve had a thought

It’s rare I know…

But I realised that I haven’t sent you a
video for a while…

You know the ones…

The Daily Dynamite videos

Where I give you a little pearl of wisdom…

Something you can apply RIGHT NOW

To get you stronger, fitter, faster

More healthy…

And keeping going when you want to give up…

Now these videos used to be a likkle bit

So I stripped out all the bullshit

And now keep them to 2 mons (ish)

So you can watch em while you’re on the bog
(I see ya)

^^^ Not really

Seeing ya that is (I do know you’re on the
bog though)


Here’s one from a couple of weeks ago

Just click on the question below

Tried Everything To Get In Shape And Nothing Works?


p.s. There’ll be a couple more of these
coming your way in the next few days…

So make sure you clear 2 mins every morning
to watch em..

Although if you’re anything like me

You could watch The Ten Commandments on the

^^^ Get settled in I do…





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