24 PROVEN Ways To Become Trimmer And Stronger

I see… you want to lose some timber and get strong but you don’t know where to start…

Yep I’ve been there

This fitness malarkey is pretty confusing… especially if you’re just venturing into it after a
number of years off

It’s all changed my friend

You don’t just join a gym and get on with it any more…

There’s bodypump, zumba, pilates, HIIT training, tabata training, crossfit, insanity, boxercise,
circuits classes, meta fit…

–> There’s so much choice out there that you have no idea what works and what doesn’t… (when they’re all actually pretty similar)

Allow me to let you into a little secret…

… closer….

It ALL works (for a month)

EVERY fitness class

EVERY diet

EVERY training program

They all work

But they’re not sustainable

I know this cos I tried most of em

Yep… I spent many years hopping from one thing to the next… and I got some results

I shed timber and got (slightly) stronger

But then I burned out

And piled it all back on

This was a bit of a vicious circle… until I discovered how to actually get SUSTAINABLE

And become stronger than I’ve EVER been (and I’m nearly 40)

So in answer to your question…

” How do I lose some timber (keep it off) and get stronger without hurting myself? “

I decided to furnish you with what I’ve learned over the last 15 years to save you from wasting
any more time

Here’s the thing though

The following steps WORK… but they require consistency

So if you need a little push every now and then…

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99% of folk will read this and agree that it looks interesting and probably will work (which it

But they’ll ignore it and continue bouncing around the gym doing millions of meaningless

— While you just keep consistently getting stronger and they can’t work out how —

So they’ll go home and try to find out…

When it’s all written down here… they’ve read it but they haven’t applied it…

And moved onto the next fad… (which will work for a month)

The only thing they are being consistent with… is their inconsistency…

It’ll drive them nuts… they’ll want to know YOUR secret

So if you’re prepared to be consistent so you don’t feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall…

Well here it is…

The secret formula to gaining the strength of a dung beetle

1. Pick THREE exercises for your session and do them well… (Squat, Overhead Press, Row) – or – (Deadlift, Push Up, Pull Up)

2. Do 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps with a weight you can comfortably do 7 reps with… this way you’ll
be able to train most days without causing pain or stiffness making you feel stronger at the end of the session and wanting to come back tomorrow… (doesn’t sound enough does it)?

3. Do this 3 times per week AT LEAST… Don’t add in any more exercises for each session… just
get good at the ones you’re practicing on the day… If you do 5 days a week then you’ll have
done between 135 & 375 reps (NOW does it sound enough)?

4. If your form starts to deteriorate… STOP AND REST… you’ll not make yourself stronger
using bad form and will increase the chance of injury

5. Rest as much as you have to but as little as you need to between sets

6. Drink 2L of water per day

7. Concentrate on what you’re doing… don’t get distracted by others around you

8. Don’t worry about how small (or big) the bell is… No-one cares… just do the exercise
well… a perfectly performed squat with an 8kg kettlebell looks A LOT better than a 100kg back squat gone wrong

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9. Get some help from a professional… if you’re unsure how to perform exercises well then a
bit of time spent with someone who knows what they’re talking about will help you progress
faster than muddling through on your own

10. SWEAT… twice per week is all that’s needed… if you can only get to the gym 3 times a
week then strength train for those days and add in some interval training on two of the days

11. Vary your interval training… do intervals on the rower, treadmill, bike, whatever you
like… add in some kettlebell swings to get your heart pumping

12. Use your time wisely… stretch at home while you’re cooking dinner or waiting for the kids
to get ready

13. Stretch whatever is tightest… you can’t stretch everything all the time so just choose
whatever is giving you the most problems at that moment… you’ll find the tightness moves
around depending on what you’ve been doing

14. Get out of your chair once every hour and move around… stretch your legs and arms… go
for a 2 minute walk… this’ll keep you from seizing up and will make you more productive

15. Don’t ignore pain… if an exercise hurts then go see a professional (physio, osteopath,

16. Have some fun… do a little dance during your rest periods

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17. Go for a walk, do some gardening, or any other low level activity (use your imagination 😉 )… half an hour a day will do it

18. Eat a balanced diet

19. Snack on nuts, berries, seeds

20. Eat eggs for breakfast

21. Floss… you want good teeth

22. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing… if it worked then EVERYONE would be lean and healthy

23. Eat loads of vegetables… don’t like em… grow up

24. Enjoy yourself… being too restrictive isn’t sustainable

That’s pretty much it… pretty simple right

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Took me years to realise this stuff (don’t let that happen to you)

Just do it

And do it consistently

Make it a habit

And watch your strength and fitness increase dramatically

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