You Still Looking To Get In Shape?

I’ve had a few enquiries over the last couple of days

Fellas wanting to get back in shape asking me for a
free program

Now I have loads of free information out there

All over social media and on my website

I even gave you a load of stuff yesterday

But the problem with free is that it is worth exactly
what you pay for it

^^^ the stuff I gave you yesterday isn’t short of value
by the way (but the fact that I GAVE it to you means
you probably won’t use it)

If you do … good on you dude… you will enjoy the

But if you need a bit of a push to get going then the
BKS Inner Circle is the cheapest way to work with me

It’s a monthly program for those fellas who are already
versed in the ways of training (but need a little bit
more help with how to keep the progress coming)

Some of the videos for this month’s issue have just
gone onto the ‘Secret’ group (which you’ll already know
if you’re in there)

If you’re not?

Well… that’s up to you

But these videos are GOLD

(I now have the Spandau Ballet song in my head)


Always believe in your soul… (there it goes again…
did you hear that)

So what’s in this month’s issue? And when can you get
your hands on it?

(I know you’re thinking that)… as well as humming
some new romantic ditties

So here’s what you will learn:

* How to get the most out of a light kettlebell (so you
don’t need to buy a heavier one)

* Prevent strength plateaus with these simple yet
highly effective exercises (no equipment needed)

* The most mobility I have ever put together in one

* How to top ‘feeding’ a mobility problem (so you don’t
get injured)

* Why your strength will peak (and maybe regress)
without these exercises

* Ways to stay strong when you don’t have access to
equipment (like when you’re staying in hotels on

* Why movement matters and what it should ‘feel’ like

* The difference between mobility, stability and motor
control (and why you need to know the difference)

* Why watching YouTube videos will stall your progress

* How to spot an injury before it happens

* Why you get a sore jaw when you lift weights (it’s
not your jaw’s fault)

* How the body works to produce power (and why your
elbows hurt)

* Why your shoulders ache when you carry heavy shopping

* The key to linking your body together to make you
super strong (without having to lift anything)

* How to prevent getting a sore neck

* Save your shoulders from impending doom (while
strengthening your core)

* How to avoid the ‘Injury Trap’

—- And loads more

This will be going out at high noon THIS SUNDAY

But you won’t get it unless you sign up (I’ll also
throw in a bonus program for you to keep you going)

^^^ You’ll get that immediately by the way

As well as finding out a bit more about what to expect

There’s no obligation to stay on

You can sign up… steal the program… then cancel if
you like

It’s entirely up to you

But if you truly like what you see here

If you want to work with me but are still a bit unsure
about taking the plunge

This is where you can start…

Dip your toe in the water so to speak

==> Get This Month’s BKSIC (plus your BONUS program)



p.s. If you’re getting married soon I have some good
news for you





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