Starts Tomorrow

It starts Tomorrow

So it’s time for you to make a decision dude

Are you gonna do the same as you always do…

And give up NOW on getting in shape

For another year

Wait until 2nd January

And join the queues for the treadmill

Cos everyone else has done the same

^^^ And who wants to be the same as everyone

I know I don’t

Which is why I ditched the gym a few years

Cos you don’t need any of that to get in

All you need is a Kettlebell

And someone to show you how to use it

How to use this ONE piece of equipment to its
FULL effect

While torching body fat

So you don’t have to buy a new DJ for the
Christmas party

See I have spent years learning how to use a

^^^ I’ve been getting stronger year by year

And I STILL have more to learn…

It really is that versatile

And it all starts with the humble

(But hugely effective)

Kettlebell Swing

Which I will teach you how to do


At the start of the Swing Challenge

Where you will do swings every day for a

Right up until Christmas

So you can eat as many pigs in blankets as
you want

^^^ I load up on those things I do

Tomorrow I will be kicking this off

So if you want in

(and why wouldn’t you)

All you gotta do is click this link to get


p.s. It’s time my friend




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