Start Getting Stronger TODAY

What you up to tomorrow?

The sabbath

Used to be the day of rest but not any more right

Especially with the amount of clubs and activities your kids do
over the weekend

You spend most of the time ferrying the little cherubs around

–> Which leaves you VERY little time for yourself

In fact you have so little time you’ve probably neglected
YOURSELF over the last few years

Let yourself go a bit..

Which is why BKSIC will be right up your street (so to speak)

It’s a monthly program sent straight to your inbox and the next
one drops TOMORROW

Here’s what’s in this BUMPER issue v v v

* The ULTIMATE challenge… how to become a member of the
EXCLUSIVE BKS Club 100 (not everyone has the minerals)

* Why everyone at BKS is extra-ordinary (and how you could be
one of them)

* How to EARN your BKS Club 100 t-shirt

* A way to structure your sessions so you KEEP getting stronger

* How to stop tearing your hands apart when swinging / snatching
a kettlebell

* FOUR different programs to get you fitter than anyone you know

* The ONLY mobility warm-up you will EVER need… that I learned
from TWO separate world class coaches

* How to use half an hour once per week to make sure you keep
your mobility well into old age so you can keep up with the young

* TEN different mobility movements that will make every major
joint in your body feel brand new

* How to free up your knackered wrists after typing at a laptop
all day long

* Rock like a cossack…

* The exercise sequence I DEFY you to do without a smile on your
face (and the kids can get involved too so the whole family can
get fitter with you)

* Keep your knackered ankles moving so you can walk pain free

And much MUCH more

If you want to start getting strong TODAY

You will be sent a program IMMEDIATELY when you join BKSIC

Which you can do via this link v v v

==> CLICK HERE to join the BKS Inner Circle and start getting
stronger TODAY



p.s. Not sure if it’s for you?

Just ask the fellas in the Farcebook group…

They’re all NAILS… but very nice with it 🙂






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