Stairway To Strengthsville

“One small step for (a) man

One giant leap for mankind…”

^^^That’s what yer man Neil Armstrong said when he was
bouncing around that TV studio on the mock up of the

(Only joking… I’m not into conspiracy stuff… )


Apart from fluffing his line and contradicting himself

He hit on something I want to tell you about the fellas
on the STRONG DAD program

A couple of em have taken some small steps this week
(quite literally)

But these will be GIANT leaps that will improve their
lives drastically

See one of the fellas used to struggle to climb stairs

Like one step at a time


One more step


While getting out of breath

Which is pretty bad when you find a place where stairs
are the only option

But after a month on the STRONG DAD program he can
climb stairs with ease

One foot after the other… no stopping

^^^ Now I realise that this doesn’t sound like much

(not like the 6-pack abs other trainers will promise
you in a 12-week transformation)

Yeah right… that’s great… But you have to give up
your life for it



Though being able to walk up some stairs isn’t exactly a ‘Sexy’

This fella’s quality of life has improved HUGELY

And the more he continues the more it will improve

Through consistency

Now this is a busy fella… he works long hours

But he’s so determined to get back in shape that he’s
made some time to focus on what needs to be done

Cos if he doesn’t then he’ll have to avoid anywhere
that doesn’t have a lift

See I want to make you realise that you’re NEVER too
unfit to get started

You start where YOU are at right now

Take small steps

Little and often over the long haul (as Dan John says)

These add up over time

And before you know it you’ll be amazed how you ever
let yourself get to this point

So please don’t keep asking if this is for you or

Just because you’re not ‘Into fitness’

Cos you don’t have to be

You just have to have the desire to GET BETTER

To allow yourself to see the possibility that you ARE

That it’s NOT different for you

That the difference between you and the guy I’m talking
about is that he got started

It’s time for YOU to do the same

==> BKS 14 Trial… Zero to Hero



p.s. If you don’t participate you can’t win





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