Special Announcement

So yesterday I told you I had a rather special

Now you may have noticed…

That I haven’t mentioned the BKS ‘Live’ sessions much
over the last couple of months

And the reason for this is because I’ve been focusing
on making BKS available to you (even if you can’t make
it to see me in person)

Which is what the “5 Day Fat Funeral” is all about


If you CAN make it to see me

In person

For 3 sessions per week…

And you’re itching to know how to do this

Then I have some GREAT news for you…

I’m opening the doors again

After talking to the fellas (and lady) I realised that
what we have here is something that you’d be hard
pushed to find ANYWHERE

The cameraderie between everyone here at BKS makes me
feel VERY proud of everyone involved

And you can be part of that

But there is a condition

You MUST be committed to getting fitter stronger and

We have all put a LOT of time and effort into making
BKS the ULTIMATE place to be

If you want to get stronger than you every thought

While dropping a TON of lard

And having a ruddy bloody good laugh in the process..

So here’s how you can be part of this…

But let me just say

This ISN’T for everyone…

Which is why there’s an application process

But I only want you to fill in the form if you are
SERIOUS about committing to getting stronger fitter and

^^^ Cos if you just want a quick workout here and there
you can get that ANYWHERE quite frankly

You still with me?


Here’s what to do…

Fill in the application form via the link at the bottom
of this email

I’ll read through it and get back to you…

We can then decide if you’ll be a ‘good fit’ to take
this further

And get you strong as FOOK

Here’s the catch (there’s ALWAYS a catch)

Which is why I want to be upfront with you…

There are ONLY 3 SPACES available

Starting in January

And they’ll go FAST


If you miss this one…

It’ll cost you more when I open this up again

Cos the price is going up after this intake

So if you’re SERIOUS about joining BKS

And you want to secure your spot

==> CLICK HERE to apply to be part of BKS ‘Live’ where
you get to work with me in person



p.s. Nowt here today dude

I really want you to consider this carefully as it’s a
seriously unique opportunity that I don’t want you to





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