Shame On You

Ooooh the shame…




You didn’t lose a pound so you’ve failed…

A little glimpse into a slimming world
meeting there for you

^^^ Or at least that’s what the individual
may think when they haven’t lost any weight
this week…

So you don’t go (you hide away until next

Even though there’ll be people there to
support you…

But that’s what happens when you focus on the
number on the scales

When you get weighed in every week

But what about the other positive things that

Like losing inches around your waist…


Getting stronger????

^^^ Slimming world won’t do that for you will

See there are a lot of overweight fellas out
there who think losing a couple of stone will
be the answer to all of their problems…

And a crash diet is the fastest way there…

But it won’t make you more healthy in the
long run…

Likelihood is it’ll make you




And more likely to throw in the towel when it
gets too hard to stick to…

Which is why I don’t focus on weight…

YES you will lose weight during the 14 day

But that’s a bi-product of sticking to the

^^^ And not the focus

You don’t have to diet…

Cos my unique nutrition system will take care
of your nutrition for you…

While allowing you to track your results

Along with the Tracking Book that you’ll
receive in the post…

^^^ Setting you up to succeed

(where you’ve previously failed)…

You also get round the clock support via the
private members area…

Where you’ll be kept accountable to make sure
you stick to the program…

With ZERO shame involved…

Just support from the other fellas who’re in
this with you

^^^ Which is hugely powerful and is why we
get such badass results…

Time to stop shaming yourself my man

And actually start a program you can’t fail
to finish…

Cos we won’t let you…

Wanna know how?

It’s all right here v v v

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