See You Saturday

Was having a chat with a fella last week

He owns his own business

Has TWO sets of twins

And is overwhelmed

^^^ No wonder eh

Thing is though he’s ALWAYS thinking about
his business

When he’s there he wants to be spending more
time with the kids…

When he’s with the kids he’s checking emails
and messages to do with business

He’s always wanting to be somewhere he isn’t

It’s all arse about face innit

When you’re at work you miss the kids

When you’re at home you ignore them (cos of

How do you get out of that situation dude?

I have the EXACT plan to get you back in sync

And it’s pretty damn easy

You just need to apply it and the rest kinda
just happens

But you gotta want to do this my friend

I can’t force you

But I can SHOW you how

Right here


See you Saturday






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