Could You Run 140m In 16 Days?

Did you hear the one about the tortoise…

In Japan…

This is hee-larious

A Giant Tortoise weighing 121 lb escaped from
a Japanese zoo

And it took them

SIXTEEN DAYS to find it…

I can only assume they set up a massive
search radius

Just to make things more difficult

Like finding a needle in a haystack

Then 16 days later

There it was

In a bush

140 metres away

^^^ I know right

Thing is though

Have a look around you dude

It would seem that there a lot of humans that
would struggle to move that far in 16 days

Without the use of a car…

See as a nation we are fatter and less fit
than we have EVER been…

Even though we are spending MORE money on our

Gym Memberships

Weight Loss Club Memberships

‘Health Foods’

Low Fat Alternatives

No added sugar products

We spend BILLIONS on this shit

But still we are in the middle of a crisis

^^^ Sounds dramatic

But we are dude

The NHS is stretched to the max

And it is YOUR responsibility to make sure
you are the healthiest you can be

To take the strain off so the NHS can help
genuinely sick people

Yes we are living longer

But that’s down to medical science

And I for one would not want to be kept alive
to 100 or more if I couldn’t enjoy it

Which is why I keep moving

Getting fitter stronger and healthier

While getting older

And I want to help you do the same my


Yep you read that right…

Like I said earlier…

You’re WASTING your money faster than ever
because of clever marketing to get you to
join up to a gym that immediately ignores you
once they got you tied into a 12 month

But don’t worry …

They’ll be nice to you in 11 months time

Assuming they can remember your name (I’m
sure their computer system will have that
sorted for them though)

And that’s why I want to help you SAVE money

By geting the help you need


I’m gonna coach you



Find out more here v v v


p.s. Or continue to be a drain on the NHS…

In which case

The door is this way





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