“Real Progress In Very Little Time”

If you’re wondering what to expect

From the FREE BKS Fitness Challenge

Which starts TOMORROW

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But if you’re still not sure?

Which baffles me a bit considering you have nothing to lose
(while EVERY opportunity to shed a ton of lard and become super
fit strong and healthy over the next month)


If that STILL doesn’t fire you up…

Then maybe this will…

Here’s what Claire had to say when I ran this challenge last year

” To ayone thinking about giving kettlebells a
go with Peter Lant at Bath kettlebells society, my advice would
be go for it!

I’m a mum of two young children who found myself unfit &
overweight, I knew I needed to make a change & to do that I had
to make the first move & step outside of my comfort zone, once I
signed up to the free May swing challenge that Peter set up I
realised how I can make real progress in a very little time & the
support of the group & Peter gave me the confidence & motivation
to make that step outside of my comfort zone,

so I signed up for the 14 day trial in the park, turning up for
my first session I was excited but so nervous & self conscious!
But I needn’t have been, Peter & the rest of the group are so
welcoming & supportive & I felt at home straight away, obviously
at the level of fitness I was or should I say unfitness!!

I have encountered a few aches! But Peter is great, he really
knows his stuff & has helped me work through everything! He has
an answer & solution for everything I have asked him.

I started in the may swing challenge & am currently just going
into my 3rd week at the park & I already feel stronger, I can’t
imagine not being part of the bath kettlebell society & being
trained by Peter anymore! “

I think she’s a bit happy that she took the plunge

She’s STILL training with us here at BKS a year later

And it all started right here with the BKS Fitness Challenge

==> Join the FREE BKS Fitness Challenge



p.s. Nope… it’s gone





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