‘Real Men’ Do It In A Group

Was up in Geordieland last week

My hometown

And it was actually sunny

Imagine that

The bridges were looking spectacular


I wasn’t there for pleasure

I was attending the Unstoppable Bastards
quarterly meetup

^^^ Great name that innit

This is where me and the other guys in a
coaching group keep each other accountable

Which is hugely powerful

And is why I’m still here today talking to

^^^ Cos without these fellas I would have
given this up ages ago

But they helped me

Cos they ‘Get it’

They understand exactly what I’m thinking and

Cos they think and feel the same

We all do dude…

I bet you want to give up your job

Cos it stresses you out when you have to work
long hours

Spending time away from your wife and kids

Which causes MORE stress

So much so that you take it out on the very
people you want to spend more time with

^^^ Don’t say that doesn’t happen my man

This is why having a group of fellas who
‘understand’ you

Who know how this feels

Cos they do the same themselves

While realising how destructive this is

It’s why it’s vitally important to have such
a group

So you don’t feel like you’re the ‘Only One’

Cos you’re not dude

And me and the fellas in BKS want to help you
get back in shape

So you have the energy to finally deal with
this shit

While losing a ton of lard in the process

^^^ Which is probably where the ‘real’ issue

When you are truly honest with yourself

And if you are

I have the solution right here



p.s. If you want to keep lying to yourself

Then that’s cool

I just won’t be able to help you

So you might as well just unsubscribe

And you’ll never hear from me again





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