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Ready To Burst?

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I get it dude

Asking for help is hugely difficult

I know cos I was the same as you

I thought I could do it on my own

But I soon discovered that I just had to ask
someone for help

Someone who’s BEEN where you are right now

Who has experienced what you’re going through

Who spent his first 35 years being unfit

Drinking booze


Eating crap

Until he felt old and worn out

AT 35

^^^ Ludicrous I know

I tried to dig myself out of this for years

On my own

With zero support

But it was tough

And I don’t want you to have to do the same

Which is why I created a group of fellas
who’re here to help you

We all started exactly where you are right
now my friend

The only difference between us

And you

Is that we asked for help

And never looked back

So if you’re TOTALLY fed up of feeling like a
bursted couch (that’s what my dad used to

Then we want to help you

All you have to do is ask

Which you can do here v v v

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p.s. The bursted couch thing still makes me





Peter Lant

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