Read This v v v

Read this v v v

“I’m ecstatic that I reached my goal of
10,000 swings, I got stronger, and I met a
whole bunch of fabulous likeminded people.

I’m sad that it’s over and we’re not gonna
have our daily check ins and motivational
workouts to follow. You guys have all been
inspirational and I love that you support
each other. Teamwork really does make the
dream work.

Once again thank you to Peter for
bringing us all together and throwing the odd
spanner in the works for a wee bit of healthy

Keep in touch and let me know of
any future challenges. Much love, Patti. “

And tell me that doesn’t make you wanna find
out more…

This was a message from Patti

She made my life so easy during the September
swing challenge

By keeping everyone on pont…

She smashed it

And then some

She even kept #posterboy Russell on his

^^^ And he’s nails…

Now Patti is no beginner

There’s Kettlebell pedigree in her family

But as you can see from the comments above
(which you should probably read again)

She still got a load out of this simple

Cos it’s the simple stuff that works…

Simple & Effective

That’s what gets you fitter stronger and

And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get on my 14
day trial

Starting Monday

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p.s. Or you can try to do this on your own

Which might work I suppose





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